Gentle Reminder – Registration for UTS AUG Trial (Saturday, 27 Apr 2019, 6-8pm)

Hi UTS AUG Players,

Following up on the previous announcement yesterday, this is a gentle REMINDER that it is now 2 hours away till the closing time of the UTS AUG Trial Registration. 

Thanks for those who already sent a confirmation. For those who have not and keen to attend the Trial, please do so before or by 6pm. Registration will be closed at 6pm SHARP this evening. And after that, we will NOT receive any late entries. 



UTS AUG Trial (Saturday 27 Apr 2019) – 6-8pm

Att to UTS AUG Players,

Please confirm that you will be attending the AUG Trial which will be held in SBHS (Court 6 – Saturday, 27 Apr 2019 – Time is 6-8pm).

Please note – it is MANDATORY for you to confirm your attendance by either sending a Facebook or Telephone Message to UTSBC, Giang Le Board or my self by 6pm FRIDAY (25 Apr 2019).

If we do not receive your attendance confirmation by the designated due date (above), we will NOT be able to include you in the Trial.

We will need to decide the format of the Trial on the day and for that we need to have the fixed number of players.

Contact details are below:
Giang Le Board (0466 468 414)
Bernhard Halim (0427 057 757)

Thank you and hope to see you there.


Saturday Social Session is BACK this week (27 Apr 2019)

Hi Everyone,

Our Saturday Session will resume normally this week (27 Apr 2019).

Hope to see you all there.