Format of Play

Doubles– 1 games to 30 for Thursday and 2 games to 21 for Saturday (Rally Point Scoring System).

Singles are permitted ONLY when there are no players waiting or under special circumstances (eg: UTS Badminton Team training). Please ask for permission from one of the committee members before commencing play.

NB: UTS Badminton Club committee members reserved the right to make changes to the format of play as they see fit to ensure everyone get a fair share of the games on the night.

Order of Play

A waiting list will be available for players to write down their names. Players can either:

  1. Form a group of 4 players by themselves  OR
  2. Simply join an existing incomplete group OR
  3. Start a group themselves.

Groups will be allocated to the next available court based on their postitions in the queue. Player names will be crossed off from the waiting list once they enter the courts.

NB: Player names ARE NOT ALLOWED to be on the waiting list at the same time they are on the courts.

Each group will have approx 3 mins of warm up time before starting the game. UTS Badminton Club committee members can request an immediate start, if they believe players have had sufficient time for warm up.

Payment of Session Fee

All players are required to pay the session fee when they register at the control desk before writing their names down on the waiting list.

Shuttlecock Usage

Second-hand shuttlecocks will be placed beside the courts in boxes. Please use these shuttles provided for warming up. Remember to replace them back into the boxes after warming up.

All players must comply with the following shuttlecock rules:

  1. New shuttlecocks are ONLY to be used for proper game.
  2. Please change to a new shuttlecock ONLY when the current one is no longer playable (e.g. significant instability in its flight path). Please ask one of the committee members if unsure.
  3. If there are only a few points left to the entire game, please resist from changing the shuttlecock unless absolutely necessary.
  4. If players need to change the shuttlecock during game play, they will need to bring the bad shuttlecock back to the control desk before taking a new one.
  5. Please take ONE new shuttlecock at a time. If you accidentally took more, please put the extras carefully back into the tube without damaging the feathers. DO NOT simply leave them beside the tube.
  6. If there are no more shuttlecocks in the current tube, please kindly let one of the committee members know. DO NOT open new tubes of shuttlecocks out of the box/bag without the knowledge of the committee members.
  7. Finally, please return all shuttlecocks used in the game back to the control desk after your game.

Committee Appeal: Most of you might not realise that a good shuttlecock might cost as much as $2.50 each. So the UTS Badminton Club Committee would like to appeal to all members and players to take good care of the shuttlecocks in the courts and off the courts.

The list of rules can go on and on but we feel that by applying some common sense and complying to the above rules, you will be helping to keep the cost of running the club low and to keep the session fees as affordable to players as possible.


UTS Badminton Club committee members are volunteers who take up their time to ensure that the club runs smoothly. Please help lighten our workload by discarding all rubbish including empty drink bottles into the rubbish bin.

Unacceptable Behavior

If in the case of any disorderly, offensive, endangering, harassing and abusive behavior from players, UTS Badminton Club committee members have the right to cease your play, and request you to leave the venue immediately.

NB: Smoking is strictly prohibited in the badminton hall.

A Note on Courtesy

Please bear in mind that everyone is here to have fun, so we hope everyone treats everyone else adequately, be honest and play fairly. Treat others as how you want others to treat you. Enjoy your games!

7 responses to “Rules”

  1. Zachary

    Hi there,

    I will be in Sydney and just wondering if I can join your Thursday session for some games? Or is this strictly for members only?



    1. joksin

      Hi Zachary,
      Sorry for late reply.
      Yes you can join our Thursday session. It’s open for public.

      UTS Badminton

  2. Annie Park

    im not a UST student.
    I would like to book 2 badminton courts for 8 people for 7:00-8:30pm this Thursday. (30 May)
    Can you please let me know at your earliest convenience whether two courts are availbale or not?
    and also we need to rent 6 rackets as well. please let me know how much it would cost.
    im looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards
    Annie Park

    1. joksin

      Hi Annie,

      We don’t do booking. But you are welcome to play in our session which is on Thursday (6-9pm) and Saturday (5-11pm).
      For more information about the cost and location, please go to: and
      Hope thats help.

      UTS Badminton

  3. Ian

    I am UTS student but I dont have any friend that play badminton and I am just an amateur. Is it possible for me to come during thursday session and how would I look for player ?

  4. Venkat


    I am interested in having some badminton action and i found about your club through browsing around. I was just wondering if you have any session coming Saturday(17/08/2013) for public. If so please confirm it and let me know about the procedure for a new guy to get started in your club. Also advice me about the schedule and cost involved.

    Thanks and Regards,


    1. joksin

      Hi Venkat,
      both Thursday and Saturday session are open for public. You are welcome to come in both of the session.